Shakes & Shingles


  • 24” Medium Shake (1/2”-3/4”)
  • 24” Heavy Shake (3/4”-1″)


  • #1 16” All Vertical Grain Bandsawn shingle
  • #2 16” Mixed Grain Bandsawn shingle
  • 18” R&R Vertical Grain KD Bandsawn Shingle Available in Natural, Primed, and Prestained
  • 24” R&R Vertical Grain KD Bandsawn Shingle (Special Order Only) Available in Natural, Primed, and Prestained
  • 18” R&R Vertical Grain KD Grooved Shingle • Available in Natural and Primed

Species We Offer

The wooden background from the floor is arranged tightly, and looks classic


For a warm golden exterior, Garapa siding is a great choice. It’s honey-hued color and fine texture have made it a popular choice in residential and commercial applications. Performance-wise, Garapa is strong, stable and durable.
Backyard deck and pergola landscaping.

Port Orford Cedar

Port Orford Cedar is an excellent alternative to traditional Western Red Cedar. Considered to be stronger than WRC however doesn’t stain as well, Expect to use a clear coat of penetrating oil or let it grey naturally. It acts similarly to WRC in that it naturally resists decay and rot. Something you look for living in the PNW.

Flat pieces of pine timber joint with clear annual ring used for background.
Wood plank textured ,top view.

Alaskan Yellow Cedar

This durable softwood is known for its uniform yellow appearance, straight grain and dimensional stability. It comes in a wide variety of grades and is renowned by building professionals for its workability.
Ipe decking


The most popular of all the hardwoods, Ipe is a high density, tight-grained wood widely revered for creating velvety rich looking deck surfaces with little to no knots. A premium product through and through.


For a truly dramatic deck, this reddish-brown hardwood with stunning streaks and a beautifully interlocked layered grain is the one to beat. It’s also durable and boasts a silky-smooth texture.

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