Custom Burl Boxes

Damon Cortel is local craftsman and well known for his skillset. Damon currently has several handmade burl boxes showcased in our shop. These boxes make wonderful gifts. Come get one before they’re gone. Were known for our unique product offerings and these boxes are no exception. Handcrafted from fallen trees in a meticulous and art […]

I’ts Not A Big Diehl

It’s a bitter sweet day here at Issaquah Cedar and Lumber. We say goodbye to our Diehl Accumould DL405 thru moulder that has tens of thousands of board feet passed through it. I’ts been in operation with us for over 25 years and has created most the 1/2 x and 1x  cedar you have in […]

Are Thermally Modified Products Right For You?

With growing competition to release the latest products for residential and commercial applications, we enter into the brief overview of thermally modified woods. Without getting overly technical, let’s answer some of the most common questions. What is thermal modification and why is it beneficial? Thermal modification is the process of using extreme heat and steam […]

Winter Projects. What’s Your Theme?

Most people view us predominantly as an exterior based, high end lumber yard. This couldn’t be further from the all encompassing truth. In order to stay on point with the Winter project theme, we’ll stick with this topic only. So you finished up your outside tasks. A big congratulations is in order as our weather […]

Seattle Modern Home Tour 2019

Although Issaquah Cedar and Lumber did not have any direct involvement with this particular event, I was fortunate to register and tour several of these homes. I had the pleasure of touring  and speaking with Steven and Kayla Lazen. Owners of a lovely home in the Capital Hill area and joint Architects of the their […]

Wood touches for backyard gardens (and bats and chickens)

Choose the right cedar planks for raised beds, vertical planters, birdhouses, bat boxes and other features. As spring unfurls and summer nears, Puget Sound house dwellers daydream about long days in their backyards. Gardeners prepare to plant and cultivate edibles, flowers and plants. Entertainers look forward to enjoying warm weather, watching wildlife, and dining alfresco […]

5 ways to create curb appeal with wood

When homeowners consider their place’s curb appeal – how attractive it looks from the street – they often think about exterior paint colors and landscaping. But more and more, they’re leveraging wooden touches to connect their home to its place in the Northwest. This is particularly true among houses built from the 1950s through the […]

Have You Caught the Latest Buzz?

Beekeeping! We can help you plan a stylish hive, or chat about the bees we keep.  Check out the workshops offered through Puget Sound Beekeepers Association.  It’s a fascinating and sustainable hobby, that results in a delicious end product!

Have You Noticed the Movement in Your Neighborhood Yet?

Have you noticed the movement in your neighborhood yet?  We’re selling Cedar for neighborhood raised garden beds like crazy, 78 already this season!  Customers are coming in bagging up shavings for their backyard chickens. This write up in Sunset is an interesting highlight on growing local.

Capture the Playhouse that Lives in Your Child’s Imagination

Build an outdoor child’s playhouse with basic building materials and create a space for your children that they can call their very own. Capture the playhouse that lives in your child’s imagination and make it a reality. With a little bit of planning, and the proper tools, you can design, build, and decorate a […]

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