Seattle Modern Home Tour 2019

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Although Issaquah Cedar and Lumber did not have any direct involvement with this particular event, I was fortunate to register and tour several of these homes.

I had the pleasure of touring  and speaking with Steven and Kayla Lazen. Owners of a lovely home in the Capital Hill area and joint Architects of the their very own dwelling.

With 2 stories and a rooftop view of Seattle, Steven and Kayla used every space of their home in the most efficient and accessible way.

It was interesting to see that they used objects of color, portraits and books to bring life to every white wall they had.

Eric Cobb of Cobb Architects eagerly greeted me at the top of the road where construction of this long narrow plot was well under way.

His vision and transformation of this magnificent plot facing Lake Washington was something to marvel.

Concrete, steel, and ipe trim were the highlights of building materials used in this multi tier site.

It was inspiring to say the least and would recommend this tour to everyone that has an appreciation for good architecture and design.

-Brian Cross



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Specialty Siding & Lumber Seattle WA

Specialty Siding & Lumber Seattle WA

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